What is musicotherapy and working with energy

Musicotherapy is one of the paths leading to the self. Sound, tone, voice and their vibrations are close to everyone. We perceive music and sounds not only with our ears but with our whole body. Sound vibrations can be detected, for example, when you play the Tibetan bowl. It vibrates so much that you feel a tingling sensation in the palm of your hand, and if there is water in the bowl, it feels like it is boiling. The water jumps and dances and likes it.

If we realize that the human body is largely water, at any given moment the water in our cells is receiving information from its surroundings. Therefore, the sounds and music we surround ourselves with are important.

If certain sounds are applied for a certain period of time, they have the ability to change the cell clusters. The original natural instruments as well as the contemporary instruments with natural tuning (strings, trombone, singing) and the sounds of nature are on the same wavelengths as the human body and therefore their action leads to harmonization.

Muzikofiletika is a supportive discipline that uses the methods, techniques and procedures of music therapy to support the educational process.

The instruments I use are: djembe (African drum), end-piece, dwoya (flutes), Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo (Australian Aboriginal wind instrument), brumle, mouth harp, cartouches and various rattles.

More about music therapy on the website of PaedDr.Lubomír Holzer and Svatava Drličková

Conscious energy work is the way to be in alignment with your truth. Discovering your sources of creativity, clearing the energies from your space, gradually moving towards inner freedom.

For more information about energy work see Lady Balowe and Michaela Morávková’s website – see Contacts

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