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I have had the pleasure of experiencing musicotherapy with Jarmi both in person and remotely. The in-person music therapy was a great experience, but I must say that I was also very pleasantly surprised by the distance music therapy.

Since I was not distracted by the visual aspect of the whole experience, I was able to delve more into myself and deeply experience the healing vibrations that the instruments convey even at a distance, from subtle to powerful.

Jarmi is a tremendous professional, combining her energy work with her many years of musical experience provides not only an exciting sense of adventure, but also safety. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Eliška Dvořáková, Brno

Music therapy with online healing with Jarmila was a beautiful fulfilling and healing experience. The sounds of different musical instruments took me through all parts of my body in different waves. First it opened my heart, then it brought me up to my higher self and then I was back in my body and going through different energy centers in my body. Every cell in my body relaxed and cheered up. It is definitely worth indulging in this care more often. The quality of the sounds over the phone was worse, but it didn’t detract from my experience and the process at all. I look forward to the next one:-) And thank you so much!

Michaela Morávková, Všechovice

When Jonášek was in the tummy, we often talked to him. During the music therapy by Jarmila Zdenička we managed to meet the baby on another level. It was very interesting to notice how he relaxed during some instruments and fidgeted and kicked during others. The experience was enhanced by the fact that my husband was with us, we had a nice time tuning in together and all three of us really enjoyed the music therapy I felt like we were in the tummy for that one hour visit. So if you want to “meet” your baby, I highly recommend music therapy with Zdenicka Richter. And if the baby is asleep, you will definitely have a wonderful relaxation.

Martina Zitová, Rousínov

It is widely known that music has an effect on people, and there are many studies about it nowadays. Appropriate music can completely harmonize a person and help him to “wash away” emotional or other stress. When I was pregnant two years ago (summer 2009), I had about three “sessions” of music therapy with Jarmila Zdeňka Richterová. I experienced the influence of musical instruments not only on my “own skin” but also on my psyche. No two sessions were the same, there was always a different ache of the body or spirit to be soothed. Even the baby always reacted differently. However, after each session I felt very good, “lighter” and always felt that what needed to be addressed, especially in relation to the birth, was resolved during the therapy. The music always calmed me down. Our birth was beautiful, peaceful and without complications. Thank you, Zdenicka!

Ivana Sedláková, Brno

Why I wanted to have music therapy with my partner:

I wanted to harmonize my body and connect even more deeply with my partner and our baby, or dissolve small blocks in my body. A man does not have pregnancy hormones, so a woman should help him understand if he is already open and desires it… music therapy opens this door and Jarmilita Zdenička has the key to this door:)

We had music therapy with my husband less than three weeks before the birth of our little girl Jasmine. From my diary a few hours after:

“I feel as if every sound cleansed some organ, some part of my body down to the cellular level, as if the water in my cells was dancing, completely accepting myself and the creature inside me, with the sound of the didgeridoo I communicated with the birth canal to remember these harmonic archetypal vibrations and follow them during the birth…. My body’s energy system is cleared, I am functioning in perfect connection to Mother Earth and the Universe, the love for my husband and children is omnipresent, I could not pinch the corners of my mouth from feelings of bliss and pure joy…I am confident that your coming to us, baby, will be an amazing experience for all of us…thank youiiii! “

Jasmine’s arrival was a peak experience for me and my husband, and I know that music therapy can move a person further towards understanding what they need to understand right now:) And for those who are worried that they won’t feel any great stirring, at least they will have a very pleasant relaxation…and the bliss of experiencing the baby together…even that is a lot! Zdenička knows how to sense which sound to make and when to let it out, that’s why each music therapy is tailored to each woman, each couple…

I wish you to feel as much joy as we did! Thank you, Zdenicka! Thanks to these powerful women, happy creatures will be born and their parents will be able to understand them more!

Lucie Czerná, Třanovice

In November you performed at our kindergarten. I still have very pleasant feelings when I remember your performance. I was pleasantly surprised by how the children reacted to the different sounds. Even those who have “rarášky” in them were concentrated and listened. The fairy tale – Brother Sun and Sister Luna – opened up something new, previously unknown and difficult to describe in words. Thank you.

Slávka Brejchová, Kindergarten Poláčkova, class Kittens

On 14 December we had a music therapy lesson with Mrs. Jarmila Richter.

She told us a story about people and nature, using acoustic ethnic musical instruments (didgeridoo, djembe, Tibetan bowls …). The children also joined in the story, relaxing and having fun at the same time. At the end, Mrs. Jarmila talked to us about each instrument. She told us their names, where they come from, what they are made of and also explained how to play them.

It was a very nice educational program and as Mia said – beautiful.

We all enjoyed it very much.

The therapist introduced the children to many unusual musical instruments. She told the children a story to the sound of these instruments. The children learned to listen to each other, to feel each other and then to relax and feel their own body language.

Teacher from Kindergarten Brno

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